5 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

What did your mom tell you about drinking beer? If your mother told you it is good to drink beer you are lucky. If you love beer, you are getting lots of nutrients than you can imagine. Beer has several ingredients and they include cereals, water, and yeast, and hops. Beer offers you antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. According to research, average beer consumption has been associated with bone and heart health. 

It has also been linked to lowered risk of diabetes as well as enhanced cognitive and psychological wellbeing.  Learn more about the surprising health benefits of beer below.

May enhance cholesterol

According to a study of 2016 conducted at scientific sessions of the American Heart Association, average consumption was linked with a slower reduction in healthy cholesterol with time. The study was carried on 80, 000 healthy Chinese grownups. However, there is a single situation where more is not good. The study also discovered that heavy consumption did away with this benefit.’

Lower type 2 diabetes risk

Many studies have associated the average consumption of alcohol with a thirty percent reduced chance of type 2 diabetes. This in comparison to when one isn’t consuming bear or drinks heavily. While this is what research says currently, research is ongoing. So, beer helps to shield your kidney and helps you avoid the insulin injection later on. 

Adds Vitamin to the body

If you need to add more vitamins to your body, try beer. Beer has yeast that has lots of Vitamin B. This is specifically when you are consuming unfiltered beer.  First, Vitamin B2 is great for those cholesterol levels in your body. The B6 in the beer is a good brain booster. This assists in the creation of serotonin and nerve-shielding myelin.

Beer may boost bone health

Beer contains Dietary silicon which is vital for the development and growth of the bones as well as connective tissues. A study that was printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that average consumers had a 38 percent reduced chances of osteoporosis as compared to those who don’t drink. 

A different study printed in Osteoporosis International discovered that average consumers had a twenty percent reduced chance of hip dislocations as compared to non-consumers. According to suggestions, the dietary silicon in beer might take responsibility for bone protection – my advise on drinking beer daily benefits.

Boosts psychological and cognitive health

Research on Parkinson’s disease proposes that light to average consumption in mid to late life is linked with less cognitive reduction as compared to not drinking completely. Apart from that consumption of beer in control has psychological advantages. Also, studies have discovered that it can assist to lower tension and stress. 


Studies have found a beer to have many health benefits. While this is true, it does not mean over drinking. If you have been keen, all studies suggest moderate consumption of beer is good for your health. Therefore, over-drinking takes away those benefits. That is why you must control yourself when drinking

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